Disaster Plans

Early Learning Childcare

In the event of a disaster, the Centre will retain responsibility of all children on the premises until they are released to a parent, guardian, or other designated person. In such instances that call for transportation to an official evacuation centre, staff will remain with the children until all have been reunited with their families.

All staff remain on the premises and assume tasks assigned by the person or persons in charge. Staff may not leave the premises until the same person(s) gives them official permission to do so. Evacuation plans for fires, and earthquakes are posted on the wall right after the centre entrance door. 


As soon as the fire is discovered staffs will be responsible for evacuating children to a pre-designated area, well away from the building and safe from automobiles. Staffs will take with them the attendance book and the First Aid Kit. Upon arrival to the pre-designated evacuation area, Staffs will check to make sure the children and any adult assistants are accounted for. First-aid will be administered as needed. The building will not be re-entered until the fire officials give permission. We are required by Child Care Licensing Regulation to do 1 fire drill per month. 


When shaking begins, the practice of “Duck and Cover” occurs, staff will shout “Duck and take cover.” Children duck and cover their upper bodies as much as possible. They will turn away from windows, drop to their knees, and seek cover beside a desk or table if possible. They will clasp their hands behind their necks, bring their arms against their head (covering ears), lying in a fetal position, close their eyes, and drop their heads to their knees. They will remain this way as long as they can, or until their teacher tells them it is safe. Adults will follow the same “duck and cover” procedure until the shaking has stopped. 

After the shaking stops, the building will be evacuated before aftershocks occur. Evacuation will prevent additional injuries from occurring if any structural damage has occurred. Staff will check in all rooms by shouting to make sure nobody have not been injured. Staff will gather class rolls and first-aid kits to be taken to evacuation sites. In evacuating the building, primary escape routes will be used unless exits are blocked. Class will be led to an outdoor area as far away from power line danger as possible. Staff will check restrooms, kitchen, and any other areas.  

At the evacuation site, attendance will be taken and missing children or staff will be reported to the Director or designated person in charge. First-aid will be administered, as needed. Assignments for each staff member will be given to participate, as needed.