Infection Control

Daycare North Vancouver

Cleanliness and the exclusion of children with infectious conditions are essential to the well being of those attending the PEACH BLOSSOM Child Care Center. Children with the symptoms of fever greater than 101 F or 38 C, diarrhea, open draining wounds, rash or known exposure to an infectious illness are not allowed to be attend at the center. If any of these symptoms are found, child will be isolated, and parents will be notified to retrieve child within one hour of notification. Children will not be permitted to attend the center until such symptoms have subsided.

Prevention of Infections Between Children 

In addition to adherence to contagion check:  

  1. Children will be checked for Pediculosis (head lice) at regular intervals during the year. All children found to have Pediculosis will be sent home. Children will not be readmitted until treated and a release obtained from the family physician. 
  2. Parents will be informed if their child has had any possible exposure to infectious conditions at the Centre. Likewise, if parents have been exposed to any potentially infectious diseases, they should inform the centre director. 

Care of the Physical Environment 

  • All soiled cloth and towels are laundered daily. 
  • All sheets and blankets are washed weekly (unless soiled, then they are washed as often as necessary) and cots are wiped with disinfectant weekly. 
  • The centre will be cleaned daily.   
  • Floors are cleaned with disinfectant detergents weekly. 
  • Shelves, work surfaces, etc., may be subject to heavy contamination during routine use. These areas will be cleaned at least once a day with disinfectant, detergent and clean cloths. 
  • A thorough cleaning will be done on a preventative maintenance schedule and/or cleaned on an as-needed basis including shampooing of carpets and buffing of floors. 
  • Children’s cups, plates, bowls and eating utensils are thoroughly washed daily. 
  • Toilet seat will be cleaned after each use and will be disinfected twice a day.