Our Program

Kids Daycare

We believe that play is children’s work. Children play to learn, to grow and to experience the world around them. With this goal in mind, our centre is equipped and arranged to provide the optimum in self-exploration and hands-on learning. Children may plan things together (social), to pull, push, balance and lift (physical), and to explore and make observations (intellectual).

We use the Early Learning Framework to plan meaningful, planned and spontaneous experiences designed to support children’s development in all domains. Educators are encouraged to grab hold of spontaneous moments of learning, curiosity and wonderment, immersing themselves in the child’s world to extend, question and challenge children’s ideas.

Your child is unique. They have the right to choose and pursue their own interests. Peach Blossom’s program offers your child the choice of a wide variety of play experiences which balance the active and the restful, the noisy and the quiet, the indoor and the outdoor, individual, small group and large group experiences. Our program encompasses all areas of children’s age developmental skills with a strong focus on the social and emotional development of each individual child. Programs are planned to meet the needs of the group and the individual child regarding to their ideas, interests and their developmental capabilities. Our program also support your child to feel valued and successful; safe and secure; challenged and stimulated. Parental involvement is welcome and encouraged.

Our daily schedule, while very flexible, includes:

- 07:30 am: Center opens- Free play / Morning snack

- 08:30 am: Free play / Art activity

- 10:00 am: Outdoor play

- 12:00 am: Lunchtime

- 12:30 pm: Story time / Circle time

- 01:00 pm: Naptime / Rest Time

- 03:00 pm: Afternoon snack

- 03:30 pm: Outdoor play

- 04:30 pm: Free Play

- 05:30 pm: Center Closes



The Centre focuses on examining and celebrating different cultures from around the world. Your assistance with this is important as it provides children and families with insight into the lives of other people. Through this recognition and celebration of culture we aim to increase acceptance of others and encourage children to challenge bias and prejudices.